Flat kingdom

Flat kingdom
Princesses are not needed

Flat kingdom: The expanses of digital services are literally filled with two-dimensional platformers and their variations. You can’t get on Steam without accidentally stepping into some indie genre craft. There is a chance to get so lucky that you want to lick the game of your sole, but it also happens that after the contact you have to wash for another six months. The flat Kingdom is stuck right in the middle.

Minus the fact that you will again jump from one platform to another, save the princess and stop the next villain, Flat Kingdom boasts exactly one feature, because of which it is worth paying at least a modicum of attention to it: like in some kind of Trine, you have to play not for one character, but immediately for the trinity, switching between them by pressing a button. Only, unlike Trine, it is not the hero himself that will change, but his shape: triangle, square, round.

Each form has its own characteristics,Flat kingdom

talents and shortcomings. Triangular allows you to quickly run and stick into walls, and light weight makes it possible to catapult your carcass over longer distances. The round shape has medium stats, allowing her to swim, fly in the air like a balloon, and double jump. The square one is the heaviest: it walks slowly, in water it can only move along the bottom, but it has no equal in pressing buttons with the fifth point and breaking through walls.

Again, pay attention to the forms. Do they remind you of anything? Sony console owners will be the first to guess, since the gameplay is tailored specifically for their favorite gamepads and corresponding buttons. The rest will have to strain the halls of the mind and compare, for example, the Y button of a standard Xbox gamepad and a triangle. Also, the brain will be required to remember the connections between the forms of the hero and his enemies. The fact is that the local combat system resembles a game of “rock-paper-scissors”: in order to ruthlessly exterminate various living creatures, it must be taken into account that a triangle beats round enemies, a square beats triangular ones, and a circle beats square ones.

The main activities of a multi-form hero outside of combat? Jumps, flights, swims – all this will be, do not hesitate. But the most interesting thing is the boss battles, which have up to a dozen different attacks. Unfortunately, or perhaps, fortunately, Flat Kingdom is quite casual: in one two-minute level, it sets up ten checkpoints and generously stuffs players with coins that change to increase the maximum number of lives. After this, any boss, even a very twisted and all of himself, will seem not so interesting. It’s no joke: he can easily die before he demonstrates all his abilities.

Nothing more to catch the eye. Other than the aforementioned, Flat Kingdom is the usual average jumping jack for a couple of evenings. There is no one like it: for some, the variety of forms will be enough to consider the game outstanding, or at least good. For others, it will not even be enough for at least some emotion to be reflected on the face. It’s like a donut hole, only with a donut.

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