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Walking Dead
Plots are not needed.

The Telltale Games office looks like a giant iron and steel shop, where sweaty, pumped-up developers, who don’t know how to rest, forge tons of games every day. The noise of sledgehammers, furs, presses and chains does not stop here for a moment, because in order to have coins in your pockets, you need to work tirelessly. The second season of Game of Thrones, the first season of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the third season of The Walking Dead – are just the well-known projects that the creators are currently working on in parallel. But they probably already have preparations for the second seasons of Minecraft: Story Mode, Batman: The Telltale Series and new series based on popular titles. Where can I find time for breaks? No, no, strike while it’s hot, and on those who do not agree, put a big and weighty “Strike”.

So, after a quick start from two episodes at once, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier game took a rather long pause before crossing its equator. Not that the wait was painful, because the story revealed in the third season did not look remarkable and intriguing, but you should not delay with such things: keep the players in the dark a little longer and they will completely forget how it all began. The release of the third episode, however, does not change anything: we are waiting for a repetition of what has been passed many times, evil people, good people, such normal people, their mouse fuss, and a little bit of zombies so that we do not accidentally forget about the causes of the post-apocalypse.

Our well-deserved stump of the whole series, Javier dragged his beloved and shot Kate to the base of the New Frontier group and found out that his older brother, who is also Kate’s husband, controls everything there. A political and moral conflict was brewing: the participants of the “New Frontier” were presented as fighters of entire cities, in addition, a love triangle that was not weak in intensity appeared. Any writer would sell a kidney to continue the story and create a fascinating novel about the upcoming events. Yes, only we had only a Telltale screenwriter, who thought in clichés and far-fetched conflicts. The “New Frontier” suddenly began to seem like a group of good guys just fighting for a place in the sun, but the family confrontation became something absurd and slurred. Instead of: “Oh, I don’t know which of you is dearer to me! ” Kate immediately came to the thought: “Oh, Xavi, let’s run away, I no longer want to have a husband, whom we have been looking for for so many years.” An extremely disregarding attitude of the characters to themselves, to the environment, to their background. However, this is not the first time that developers have sent players to hell, slipping story lines embroidered with white thread instead of adequate logic.

But what about the logic of Kate left under the carpet, when there is a much more tangible and painful blow for all of us – Clementine? No, no, so far everything is in order with her, just the traditional ten minutes of gameplay for her, which are in every episode of the current season, for some reason (the laziness of the screenwriter?) turned out to be reduced. Instead of full and varied gameplay in the new episode, this is what awaits you: press left, press “A” twice, then hold “A” twice, then dialogue for a couple of minutes. Great, that’s all Clementine, we continue to play for Xavi, who still draws the maximum for a spineless supporting character.

Another hero, with the appearance of which some hopes were connected, turned out to be just a temporary guest. Jesus suddenly “resurrected” in the plot and hinted that he would play at least some role in it, but already in the third episode all this was cut short: having said ten phrases for the “series” and not doing anything important for the story, Jesus went on his work, as if he never existed. Thank you writers, you reminded me that this is a game based on The Walking Dead comics and not a drama about how Mexicans divided property, but isn’t it time to add a little more meaning to what is happening?

And it doesn’t make much sense. A fairly standard plot twist is followed by a lengthy promise to make the story more interesting. There, in the future, someday. Naturally, you hardly want to wait for new episodes after this, and Telltale doesn’t really need it either: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier has already been bought, you can’t return it back, and at the end of April there will be Guardians of the Galaxy. She, even despite being non-canonical with respect to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will still be snapped up from the shelves, like Clementine’s caps at ComicCon. Telltale’s scheme works flawlessly, and there will be sequels. We are eating, that is, sorry, we are waiting.

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