The domestic version of LOST ARK received an update “Strength of esdo”

The domestic version of LOST ARK

 LOST ARK: New colorful weapons and a giant hairy monkey battle for sweaty spring adventures.

Support for the localized version of LOST ARK has entered a hot phase – updates are coming one after another. In March, the players got acquainted with the “Secrets of Run-Liar”, today it’s time to learn about the “Power of Edo”.

The main content of the new add-on is an endo weapon with an intricate leveling system. One of the strongest in the game in terms of basic characteristics and the best at the maximum level of development. To get it, you need to run to Vakhantur after the 6th phase of the raid on Avrelsud. And what to do with fresh and clean blades?

Immerse them in the blood of unclean creatures, which is full in the game world! First of all, go to the heroic raid on Arselwood with a group of 8 players. For the victory, get pets, various rewards, items, and a chance to upgrade your Esdo weapons.

If the hero’s equipment level is above 1540, go to Hanuman, a hefty gorilla, the battle with which will stretch over 4 phases. For the first victory, as usual, a valuable reward will drop out, as well as certain achievements will open. The add-on will also bring new items, an update to the game store, and balance changes to classes and equipment.

The update is already available in LOST ARK, and the full description of all the changes is on the official website of the project.

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