Launch of free DLC for Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

As previously announced, today we saw the release of a free DLC for Farming Simulator 22 called Precision Farming. The add-on can be downloaded by anyone through the official ModHub on all hardware platforms.

The DLC was developed in collaboration with John Deere and EIT Food, the European Institute for Food Innovation and Technology. In addition, it has received funding from the European Union. The aim of the DLC is to increase knowledge about modern agriculture.

What’s included in Farming Simulator 22: Precision Farming?

The DLC introduces a number of features that reduce the environmental impact of our farms.

  1. After installing the DLC, you will find new mechanics in the game, such as analyzing soil samples or dosing fertilizers. Thanks to this, you can save, among other things, on seeds and fuel.
  2. Along with the new options, there is also equipment dedicated to them: the ISARIA Scout for the soil sampler, the ISARIA PRO active soil sensors, the PRO Compact nitrogen meter and the John Deere R732i sprayer.

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