CarX Drift Racing Online: Update 2.14.0 [20.04.22]

CarX Drift Racing

CarX Drift Racing



  • Added functionality for changing lighting for tracks. In multiplayer, when creating a room, it became possible to choose the preferred lighting. Inside the room, you can create a vote for any of the available lighting types for the track. In solo modes, lighting changes automatically at the start of the race
  • The sound of the blow-off valve has been reworked. Added wastegate sound for the Ultimate modification. The sound of the wastegate can be turned off in the dyno in the “Engine” tab. Wastegate sound can be heard on the following vehicles so far:
    – Atlas GT
    – Burner JDM
    – Corona
    – DTM 46
    – Falcon FC 90-s
    – Fujin SX
    – Hachi-Roku
    – Horizon GT4
    – Hummel
    – Last Prince
    – Loki 4M
    – Mira
    – Piranha X
    – Pirate
    – Sorrow
    – Spector RS
    – Wanderer L30
    – Wellington S20
    – Wütend Wastegate
    sound can be turned off in the dyno in the Engine tab




  • Added new cars Kaiju, Royal, Consul GT and Prestigio
  • Added new StreetX bodykits on Eva MR, Slide Performance on Nomad and R&T on Grace GT
  • Added new ProFlow spoilers for Wutend, Phoenix NX, Piranha X, Falcon FC 90-S, Fujin SX and Last Prince vehicles
  • Added new StreetX spoiler for Wutend, Piranha X, Eleganto, Asura M1 and Flash cars
  • New front and rear bumpers for the Missile and Slide Performance bodykit, new R&T body kits and a Missile (Cut) rear bumper added to the Spector RS
  • Wutend added new front bumpers for the Missile bodykit
  • Changed interior color on Pirate car, added R&T sill for some bodykits and new rear bumpers for Missile bodykit, changed Missile bodykit chassis
  • Added R&T front bumper and side skirts to Stock bodykit, Custom (v2) rear bumper to Missile bodykit and two new ProFlow spoilers added to Burner JDM
  • New Missile v2 rear bumper on Missile bodykit added to Eva MR
  • Missile hood changed on Thunderstrike car
  • Added a new disc to the D-Spec category
  • Downforce adjustments on Last Prince, EVA MR, Horizon GT4 and Flanker cars with Ultimate modification
  • Fixed clutch on Black Fox car with Ultimate modification
  • Fixed wheel weight on Wutend car with Drift and Ultimate mods

Graphic arts



  • Replaced some single-layer stickers with double-layer stickers from the category “CBW”
  • Fixed incorrect work of the graphics setting “Volumetric fog”




  • Fixed transitions in the main menu after sending a message to the chat




  • Minor fixes in the full tournament bracket of championships




  • Correction of bugs with the issuance of rewards




  • Improvements to turn on / off the headlights in multiplayer, after turning on the light synchronization
  • Minor fixes for creating cross-platform rooms

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