Alien Swarm Update [20.04.22]

Alien Swarm



  • 22A3-1 Assault Rifle: Picking up a Rifle Ammo Box will now give you a grenade in addition to ammo.
  • 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle: Picking up a Rifle Ammo Box will now give you a Flashbang in addition to ammo.
  • 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle base damage per shot increased by 2 (from 5 to 7).
  • 22A7-Z Prototype Assault Rifle: The rate of fire is now increased by the marine’s engineering skill.
  • M42 Vindicator: Picking up a box of Vindicator ammo will now give you an incendiary grenade in addition to ammo.
  • M42 Vindicator: Fixed an issue that prevented biomass from being affected by vindicator grenades on some custom maps.
  • M73 Twin Pistols: Fixed an issue that caused pistols to not fire due to a delay.
  • M73 Twin Pistols: Base damage per shot increased from 14 to 21.
  • M73 Dual Pistols: Damage bonus per skill level increased from 2 to 4.
  • M73 Twin Pistols: Conditional bonuses to drone damage have been added. Adds an additional percentage of Überdrone health to on-hit damage and is guaranteed to kill any drone with a maximum health of 105 or less in 2 shots or less.
  • IAF Healing Beacon: Max healing per beacon changed from 50 + 10 per healing bonus level to 120 + 30 per healing bonus level. (Vera 100→270, Bastille 90→240)
  • IAF Heal Beacon heal per second per Marine changed from 3 to 4.
  • l3a Tactical Heavy Armor now blocks 35% damage (up from 20%).
  • l3a Tactical Heavy Armor: Damage Block is reduced by 4% each time the Marine takes damage, up to a minimum of 15%.
  • l3a Tactical Heavy Armor: After 2 seconds of not taking damage, damage block is restored at a rate of 4% over 2 seconds.
  • Model 35 Pump Shotgun: Secondary fire now fires two shots in quick succession.
  • Damage Booster X33: When the damage booster is used with a special weapon, it is attached to their backpack instead of the floor.
  • X33 Damage Booster: Moving a Damage Booster causes its power to drain twice as fast as normal.
  • M868 Flamer Unit: Fixed the fire extinguisher particle effect continuing after the gun runs out of ammo.
  • M478 Proximity Incendiary Mines: Firewalls no longer instantly set allied Marines on fire if the Marine planting them dies in combat.
  • AVK-36 Marksman Rifle: reduced rate of fire without a telescopic sight.
  • AVK-36 Marksman Rifle: increased rate of fire when using a scope.
  • AVK-36 Marksman Rifle: When using a scope, the AVK-36 Marksman Rifle deals additional damage and pierces additional targets. This damage bonus does not affect terrain.
  • AVK-36 Marksman Rifle: Slightly increased the speed of walking with a scope.
  • IAF Incendiary Sentry Gun ammo increased from 800 to 1200.
  • IAF High Velocity Sentry Cannon base damage increased from 40 to 60.
  • IAF High Velocity Sentry Cannon ammo increased from 25 to 40.
  • 22A4-2 Combat Rifle: Picking up a box of Rifle Ammo will now give you a Shotgun Ammo in addition to ammo.
  • IAF Medical Amplification Gun: main ammo reduced by half (Faith 90→45, Bastille 80→40).
  • IAF Medical Amplification Gun: Auxiliary fire now uses a separate ammo (Vera 90, Bastille 150).
  • 22A5 Heavy Assault Rifle: vertical spread changed from 1.1 degrees to 3 degrees.


  • Updated French translation by Trick-Master.
  • Updated German translation by Duke M.
  • Updated Italian translation by Steffo.
  • Updated Korean translation by BRAIN IS BACK.
  • Updated simplified Chinese translation by Dubstep Amber.
  • Updated Spanish translation by Efi.
  • Updated Vietnamese translation by Hagon Wyvon.
  • Localization will use the language of the Steam game, not the language of the Steam client.


  • Aliens can no longer turn to face enemies while frozen.
  • Added a chance for the director to create rangers, buzzers and xenomites in the default (non-ASBI) alien spawn selection list.
  • Giving orders to aliens (for example, through the asw_order_nearby_aliens entity) causes the AI ​​to wake up.
  • The director spawns wanderers facing in a random direction, not always due east.
  • Fixed AI frame time limiter.


  • Tilarus-5: Area9800 Landingzone: Fixed an issue where the first door would not open automatically after being hacked.
  • Exploration 7: Illynian Forest: Added boss health bar for generator defense collision.
  • Exploration 7: Illynian Forest: Fixed an issue where the revolving fence door would sometimes not open fully.
  • Tears for Tarnor: Oasis Colony Spaceport: Marines now teleport to the train when they complete a mission to prevent bots from getting stuck.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Changed scenery to better support camera rotation.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Marked interesting respawn locations as being suitable for director.
  • Jacob’s Rest: Landing Bay: Fixed an issue that caused the basketball to break the window at the beginning of the map.
  • Jacob’s Rest (all missions): Sprites are offline if possible.
  • Area9800: Coolant Pump: Fixed an issue that caused the tech requirement to not turn off immediately after the final hack.
  • Bonus Missions: Bonus Mission 1: This map has been replaced with a new mission.


  • Improved controller support, especially in the briefing.
  • Ammo drops show their fullness band from the side closest to the chamber, not always from the south.
  • Ammo dropped more than 1024 range away from the player (approximately 3 floors below 3rd person marines) no longer displays the UI.
  • Fixed an issue that caused their weapon icons to remain visible after clearing bots in single player.
  • Fixed an edge case where leaderboard results could be loaded with cheats enabled.
  • rda_hide_backpack and rda_draw_backpack are no longer flagged as cheats.
  • Fixed an issue where doors could not be destroyed if they had more than 1 HP before being hit.
  • Fixed various parts of the UI using different max targets.
  • Fixed level 30 requirements for higher difficulty levels being actually level 31 requirements.
  • For consistency, players below level 30 (and not leveled up) can no longer create difficulty lobbies where they cannot search public lobbies. (They are still free to change the difficulty level after creating a lobby.)
  • Players below level 30 can now play on Frenzy difficulty and non-ASBI challenges by default.
  • Added rd_grenade_launcher_grenade_preview to draw the expected grenade path.
  • Marked phys_timescale and asw_sentry_friendly_target as cheats.
  • Removed FCVAR_ARCHIVE from some replicated variables.
  • Added rd_revert_convars (enabled by default) to reset replicated convars when opening the main menu to avoid saving last server settings when creating a new lobby.
  • Added rd_override_fps_max which overrides fps_max without having to change newmapsettings.cfg.
  • The Dedicated Server High Resolution Timer now uses NtSetTimerResolution, allowing for even higher clock speeds.
  • ASBI Elite has been added to the list of allowed challenges for leaderboards.
  • Added keybinding options for “select first weapon” and “select second weapon”.
  • Added color coding for rda_print_chat_objective_completion_time.
  • Medic bot target acquisition range increased by 3x.
  • Marines killed by vermin or explosions now die.


  • Added ApplyEntity to infodecal.
  • Added func_detail_blocker and func_precipitation_blocker.
  • Added setting to asw_ammo_rifle and asw_ammo_vindicator to disable secondary ammo.
  • Made trigger_playermovement for marines to force crouch.
  • Removed unused objects from FGD.
  • Replaced all asw_weapon_* entities with asw_pickup_* equivalents.
  • Divide the spawn rate by the director’s spawn rate (the director’s spawn rate now defaults to 4, even if the spawn rate has been changed).
  • Added a setting to only allow the director to spawn after the alien has spawned normally. Setting the spawner to this mode while playing will wait until the next alien spawns normally.
  • Added OnDifficulty(1-5), OnOnslaught(0-1), OnFriendlyFire(0-1) and OnChallenge(string) as output to asw_gamerules triggered on mission start.
  • Added prop_dynamic_glow to create glowing outlines on arbitrary objects.
  • env_sprite_clientside was made entirely on the client side. This means that client-side sprites no longer use edicts. Maps that incorrectly used it with targetname or parentname should be updated to use env_sprite instead.

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