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Yakuza: Like a Dragon PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

Yakuza: Like a Dragon PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download



Like a Dragon Quest

Despite the title of the review (it was too obvious) and numerous direct references to the classic Dragon Quest series, the new Yakuza is more like such a wonderful thing as South Park: The Stick of Truth. Simply because we have before us not so much a full-fledged jRPG as a parody of it. Here you have a plot explanation for changing the combat of the series to a step: just the new protagonist Ichiban is a psychoa man with a developed fantasy who imagines himself to be a jRPG hero. Here you have such extremely non-standard combat professions as a cook, a barmaid and a dominatrix, with accompanying combat equipment in the form of a spatula, a handbag and a whip, respectively. Well, all the equipment for the squad can be safely purchased in a sex shop in order to beat up opponents with an eternally misused shoulder massager. And if you add to this a ton of extremely specific opponents and side stories traditional for the series, walking on the fine line between drama and comedy, then it will become almost impossible to perceive the game as a parody.

And this, on the one hand, is actually awesome. Moreover, the newfangled turn-based combat system is quite good at first. Daring, fast and with funny tricks. The authors tried to preserve the dynamics of the original as much as possible, because the enemy lying on the ground is not obliged to wait until the player comes to his senses and gives the command to finish him off. The world does not stand still at all, while the heroes deal with the next punks, so in the heat of battle someone can be knocked down by a car. Well, the newly appeared system of professions adds to this fun a decent level of variability in building a motley squad of the Dragon from Yokohama.

On the other hand… Although the battles look good, they are painfully monotonous. The classic for the series contextual finishing moves are gone. Now you can’t decide on your own what object to mark the enemy with – everything is strictly limited to the chosen profession. The feeling of superiority over the adversaries also evaporated, because the opponents had levels. If earlier we could kill anyone with the proper skill, now the difference of only five levels will already read artificially added problems. And those professions that diversify combat are not so hot: if you don’t try your best to entertain yourself on your own, you quickly realize that the best options for most of the characters are precisely their initial unique specialties (although there is a big exception: Sa-chan is great at as a dominatrix!). In the end,

And there is a lot to fight. The streets are not just flooded with small punks, no, they literally materialize in the air. It is worth turning behind a safe corner checked on the map in order to avoid another battle, as new adversaries appear in front of your face. Also, the aggressive reaction zone of the mobs is very wide, and they attack Ichiban equally actively, even while jogging, even while walking at a slow pace (for sure, it’s because of his terrifying hairstyle). But somehow I don’t want to waste brain cells on beating up every representative of the street trash, dying from two blows. Fortunately, the authors added to Yakuza: Like a Dragon an automatic battle mode with several pre-driven templates. But when most of the game is played automatically, something clearly does not work as intended.

Well, along with the combat system, the study of the world has also undergone a fall into the jRPG canons. The new area – Yokohama – is very large, and Ichiban is completely unfamiliar with it, which has led to the appearance of a classic unexplored map that opens up as you walk through the streets. Well, in order to level the problems with moving around Yokohama, the authors scattered a huge number of taxi stops and the ability to quickly move through the mobile application on Ichiban’s phone. And everything would be fine if not for one small detail: taxi points are not added to the map automatically. You must first go to the driver and talk to him. A trifle? Yes, but important. And the game, instead of reporting such a change in plain text, hides it in the tips on the loading screen.

And here are all sorts of small nit-picking to the game a dime a dozen. For example, a lot of new activities and mini-games have been added here, but there is no motivation to engage in them. You can grow your own flowers and vegetables to make bouquets and dishes later. But why, when with a small overpayment you can buy ready-made? Did Judgment have a dating system? Well, here it formally exists, but instead of the normal development of relationships in mini-stories, you need to go through the “fascinating” algorithm: try to talk to the girl; find out that you do not have enough personal qualities to start a conversation with her; pump over; find out that she wants flowers; to give flowers, only to face a new wall – the demand for an even greater level of personality traits, and then also five times as many flowers. It’s such a vicious and boring cycle that you just don’t want to know

Along the way, the mini-game for managing a group of businesses from the times of Yakuza 0 has returned – which causes not so much joy as horror from not the most pleasant memories. And this, perhaps, is not even deserved: the new version is made much better and no longer torments you with timers to collect money. But the real profit from the lesson is minimal at first, which does not motivate you to bother with it. However, this is still worth enduring: behind the business game, not only is a breakthrough of money hidden (and here they are needed in huge quantities even for a simple passage, since the authors finally decided to steal Shenmue’s favorite technique – the “money wall plot”), but also an additional member detachment is also surprisingly useful. But the latter does not participate in the plot in any way – it does not even glow in the background in screensavers. It just appears at the moment of contractions out of nowhere and goes nowhere.

But it is worth recognizing that not all changes cause such an ambiguous reaction. At least in terms of relations with associates, Ichiban is doing fine. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is full of sweet little conversations while eating, going to the cinema, and just walking around the city. Ichiban’s hero part has great chemistry and it’s pure pleasure to watch them chat. And yes, relationships can be developed, which gives access to new professions of associates.


And the already agreed development of personal qualities, even though it only serves to change the protagonist’s work activity and develop relations with the added girls for no reason, adds variability to the game. Now the choice of Ichiban’s answer in different scenes depends on which personality characteristic will be pumped. That’s kind of a trifle, but nice.

But the final stumbling block is the plot. And here again everything is extremely ambiguous. To begin with, Ichiban Kasuga is the exact opposite of Kazuma Kiryu. Both in terms of design with reverse colors on the shirt and suit, and in terms of character: where Kiryu-chan is a stoic person, there Ichi is loud and expressive. And to watch the path of our swirling protagonist, in fact, is interesting already in contrast with the Dragon of Dojima. But here’s what’s strange: the main plot here for a good half of the time is not something that is in the background – it is simply absent. Ichiban has more important and interesting things to do than the extraordinary crisis of the Tojo clan (seriously: given the regularity with which Daigo Dojima has crises, it is long overdue for him to be ousted from the post of chairman). And it cannot be said that the disassembly of the Korean, the Chinese and Japanese mafias within poor Yokohama turned out to be somehow boring. Exactly the opposite, each faction has more than enough interesting personalities and plenty of intrigue. But the authors forget about the plot of the main plot without any ceremony and for a very long time, leaving the inevitable question: why, in fact, was it so dramatic, and what prevented Kamurocho and the whole game from being initially scored?

In general, if we had another spin-off before us, there would be no problems. Rather, on the contrary: a new hero, a new setting, new mechanics – great! But no, despite the attempts of the western branch of Sega to hide it, we have a full-fledged seventh Yakuza. And as a number part of Yakuza: Like a Dragon is perceived mediocre. The combat system quickly gets boring, and in the last third of the game it completely infuriates, throwing bosses 15 levels higher into battle without warning and forcing you to return to past saves, street punks and such an important jRPG grind for self-respecting. In terms of plot, many events lead nowhere, and parodic elements reduce any drama and tension to surreal. Even the side stories are frankly not as successful as in the previous parts,

But the amazing thing is that Yakuza: Like a Dragon can still be enjoyed. It has more than enough great moments, and when the story focuses on Yokohama, it’s great. Alas, a ton of minor flaws and the annoying need to grind at the finish line nullify all the advantages. And in the end, this is not the Yakuza that we love.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s Minimum System Specs
  • OS: Windows 10.
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD FX-8350.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) or AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2GB)
  • Available Storage: 40GB.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon PC Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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