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Watch Dogs: Legion Nintendo Switch Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download



Taking lives

Ubisoft’s video game series has three stages: degradation, development and breakthrough, and any of these stages may not affect either sales or the opinion of the players. And it just so happened that the Watch Dogs trilogy managed to go through them all. The first was a pale shadow of its statement and the first versions, the second fixed everything and made the game much more fun, and the third went further and almost changed the genre, doing something that no one could have imagined on such a scale before. The one who came up with this is well done; and the one who was able to realize it is certainly a genius. How did Ubisoft manage to mix Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and… The Sims? That’s how!

Watch Dogs: Legion is difficult to perceive as a third part. This is rather the first game in the Ubi-series, on which the publisher usually runs in mechanics, so that later they should be properly “milked” in the sequels. This feeling arises almost immediately, but at the level of some insignificant whisper in the ears. However, the longer you play, the more you will realize how different the game is from everything that has already been in the series. The new mechanics are too global, it cannot be described in one sentence. So before talking about good or bad in Watch Dogs: Legion, you need to consider the Legion system itself. And believe me, you can’t figure it out without a “half a liter”.

At the most superficial glance, this is just a banal departure from the creation of a prescribed protagonist. In the first part, he was cool, but dull; in the second – cheerful, but not memorable. So instead of experimenting, the developers simply removed the protagonist from the equation. If there is no character, then there is no problem for the screenwriter. In Watch Dogs: Legion, you assemble a team of hackers by recruiting anyone (we repeat: anyone) non-plot (and sometimes plot) inhabitant of virtual London. And after recruiting, you decide who to play for. Maybe for the killer? Or for a bum? For a street activist or a businessman? The choice is large, there are many types and manners of speech. Depending on the choice, the lines change and the structure of the dialogues in each quest may change slightly. And there are a lot of quests here, because sometimes in order for a resident to join the ranks of DedSec, you have to complete his personal task. It is not known how many such instructions the authors wrote at least at the stage of dialogues, but the author of these lines did not repeat the quests for forty hours of the game.

But recruiting is only the first step. The main thing is how you will use the new agent. Characters have many unique features and abilities. Some know how to gan-kata, others use a defibrillator as a weapon, while others, recruited from enemies, can easily penetrate enemy territories using their old uniforms. Some of the characters have personal land transport, and some air. Someone has a huge arsenal of weapons, and someone is excellent at stealth and can disguise himself as a cleaner. Someone can beg for change on the streets, and someone knows how to play the guitar. Among the really rich arsenal of perks, there are not always convenient, but funny ones: grandparents cannot move quickly and secretly, while others can hiccup and blow gases, attracting attention to themselves. There are even those who are on the verge of death, and any fight can accidentally end fatally for them. In the latter case, it will be much more offensive if you play Ironman mode, in which the characters die permanently. In normal mode, they only go to prison or hospital, after which they return to the ranks of the organization.

So, we have looked at the system superficially, and now let’s look deeper. All the inhabitants of London are, albeit extras, but with a prescribed role. An NPC who has received a job as a bartender will come and work in his bar in the evenings, an IT specialist will come to an office in his building, an unemployed person will hang around on the street, mess around or beg at the subway, a huckster will sell drugs in the passage, and a bandit with brothers – to defend their territory. In this world, everyone has their own profession, their hobbies and their daily routine. Someone wakes up in the morning and goes to work, and someone goes to a rally, someone engages in vandalism, and someone thumps under the bridge. Someone has a family, which means they will live in the same apartment. Someone has friends, which means that from time to time they will visit each other and spend time together.

You change the role for someone else. For example, if you kill a relative, friend or acquaintance of one of the NPCs, he will hate the DedSec organization. This can turn into a separate quest if the character wants revenge by kidnapping one of your agents. And other NPCs may have their own enemies, getting rid of which, you will receive loyalty points to your underground club. A kind of heavily pumped Nemesis system from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, but there NPCs received a personality only by confronting the main character, and here this is pre-registered for thousands of residents of the city.

Of course, there are holes in this system. For example, a newly rescued NPC, with whom you even managed to talk, when issuing a personal quest, will not know that you already know each other. Playing as an enemy soldier, you will be able to arrest people, and then immediately release them from handcuffs, thereby getting the maximum karma for DedSec for saving.


At a certain point, when you play enough, recruit a bunch of agents and get twice as many enemies, all of London will become your most native place. It will be impossible to walk along the streets and not meet an NPC that is somehow not connected with you. This girl in the red dress is the sister of one of your agents. And that bearded bandit on the other side of the road – he hates you, because during one of the old tasks you beat him half to death. And here comes a man in a beautiful suit – this is the personal psychotherapist of the character you are currently playing as. A strange-looking young lady left the office building – she has a red badge next to her name, and if her phone is hacked, then you can help one of the potential agents to get their location.

Yes, I want them to be not just extras. So that you can have more ways to interact with them (or even call them on a date!). But even what has already been done is a little more than powerful, especially for the “next Ubisoft grinder”. Thanks to Legion, this world is addictive, like a life simulator, and you can feel a pretty strong connection with it. But…

… However, it’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses, because there were some drawbacks, and the main one is the script. Yes, it’s short, it doesn’t grind, and the missions are consistent and relatively varied. However, the plot and its villains are the very embodiment of secondary. Moreover, they seem to be assembled from various stamps of the publisher’s past games, and then sewn together at random. They say that the plot of “Family Guy” is written by manatees. Well then, the plot of Watch Dogs: Legion was collected by macaques, who simply threw various clichés at the wall, and what then slipped down became the next story mission. Each new “turn” does not increase interest, but kills it in the bud. Only a bright spot in the form of comments from a sarcastic AI assistant does not allow the finger to fall off the “Skip Video” button.

You can’t refuse the authors’ evil sense of humor, and it’s a pity that the main plot is presented in a too serious way. Of course, the authors wanted to raise the stakes so that the player felt the importance of his achievements. But without a single protagonist, there is no sense of involvement. Here the Legion system gives a major failure. Yes, you can play as whoever you want, but why would an old lady you helped avenge her dismissal want to become a hacker spy and kill the military? It only works at the gameplay level, but the narrative follows a known place.

Therefore, all that remains for the player is to score, not worry and feel London. The city also has both good and bad sides. The former include the visual style and beauty of the cyber future, where drones are as common in the sky as driverless cars. In these old streets with neon and Wi-Fi, there is enough interesting things for those who like to look a couple of decades ahead.

However… the Legion system messes things up again, only now in terms of level design. The fact is that the dangerous zones, albeit fenced on all sides, albeit strictly guarded, however, due to the huge number of different characters controlled by the player, the authors had to balance such locations for all possible protagonists, which means making penetration into such bases the simplest in order to any character could get there. Interest crumbles into atoms, and then completely detonates when it turns out that literally dozens of times can be sent to the same location for various random and non-random tasks. It’s not boring anymore, it’s just annoying.

That is, “Legion” managed to bring the series to a whole new level, but to hell killed what was somehow fixed in Watch Dogs 2. Hence the conclusion: the authors get a solid ten for their efforts, but the implementation needs to be corrected in the sequel for Watch Dogs: Legion. Such an idea should have a new, better implementation. We dare to hope that it will.

System requirements for Watch Dogs: Legion
  • Minimum requirements.
  • Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 5 1400.
  • RAM 8GB (Dual-channel setup)
  • Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, or AMD Radeon R9 290X.
  • Hard Drive 80 GB available storage.

Watch Dogs: Legion Nintendo Switch Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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