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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Apk Android Mobile Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Apk Android Mobile Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download



“Now I’m like you – a soap lion” (c)

Last year’s Modern Warfare was outright rubbish. Worse – dumb-headed Russophobic shit authored by hypocritical “truth-mongers” who attribute their crimes to others and denigrate the image of a geopolitical opponent with absolute naivety and innocence on their faces, not at all shying away from dirty tricks and substitution of concepts. Still, when you are playing with the agenda, it is better to control your liberal wet dreams while writing sharply political scenarios, otherwise it may even come to your head from your own comrades-in-arms. Which, thank God, happened: not only the domestic media, but the rest of the “civilized world” were indignant and criticized the local pseudo-gray morality.

Perhaps it even somehow helped, because in the new part of the game sub-series there are almost no bad Russians in the usual sense, which is good news. Still, the spreading “cranberry” is a completely different matter and even beloved by many. It is akin to a kind of deliberate trash, a hodgepodge of not only all the anecdotal stereotypes (like the accent in the style of “Ameryekanits” among American undercover agents), but also some of their own finds, sometimes no less frostbitten. Well, like personal computers in the offices of high-ranking Soviet officials, with servers and secure line settings over a wired phone (!) Through your own – Soviet and already colored (!!!) – analogue of DOS. The situation when serious cabbage soup shows things that it is impossible not to laugh at, while admiring the fantasies of people along the way. Fortunately, we again have a screenwriter Goyer-well done (one of the two incarnations of David Goyer, as you know). What’s more, the good doppelgänger created his own twisted story based on some of Goyer’s previous work as an asshole.


Everything is done in the best traditions of the early Treyarch. It can be seen that the teams working on the new game figured out what was happening, and decided to focus on exactly what the majority of the players liked so much. Heck, they even put it in the title – Cold War. Yes, this period was the most interesting in the already good, but futuristic Black Ops II, and now we have to plunge headlong into spy games in their mid-80s. But they will let us run around the Vietnamese flashbacks, this era is so dear and curious to people. In addition to the standard set of jungles and villages, the game also offers helicopter battles – well, in case you suddenly always wanted to feel like John Rambo and shoot down several Red Sharks at once.

For some reason, someone will ask about shooting, but here’s how: it’s traditionally chic. In the best traditions of Treyarch, which does not spare meat at all: the Black Ops subseries created by it is easiest to confuse with some Serious Sam, there are so many enemies on the screen. And when all the enemies are killed, we are offered stealth – minimalistic and simple, but very good for the atmosphere and almost does not interfere with the main gameplay. Well, how without it in a spy game? Hacking doors, hiding bodies, silent eliminations… However, most often such respite is optional – just an alternative in case you get bored with shooting.

The multiplayer continues the work of Modern Warfare on returning to the minimalistic origins of the series, cutting down all sorts of upgraders and augmentations as much as possible, simultaneously removing any garbage from the players’ screens and leaving only the bare minimum of perks. Otherwise, everything is as before: there is you and the enemy, and then whoever has a longer rifle. And of course, there are tons of modes to choose from, from classic team deathmatches to zombie modes and a more compact analogue of Battlefield with a large number of players and vehicles. No one will be surprised at all if a special Warzone map with vintage vehicles and weapons from the era will appear later.

In general, Cold War is a true sequel to Black Ops and Black Ops II, created in the best traditions of the series and without the slightest noticeable influence of the unsuccessful last parts. Despite the short running time, the authors turned out to be an excellent intriguing spy campaign, not without traditional pranks for a series. This definitely deserves attention, all encouragement and continuation.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War System Requirements
  Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows® 10 64-bit
Processor Intel® Core™ i3-4340 or AMD FX-6300
Video NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670 / NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 – DirectX 12.0 compatible system
Memory 8 GB RAM

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Apk Android Mobile Version Full Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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