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9 Monkeys of Shaolin PS4 Full Version Crack Game Setup 2022 Free Download

9 Monkeys of Shaolin PC Version

9 Monkeys of Shaolin PS4 Full Version Crack Game Setup 2022 Free Download

Fist of the Iron Monkey

More than a year ago, we said that the beat map genre suffers from monotony due to its specificity and that the only way out of its stagnation is to actively merge with elements of other games. But even the constant invention of the bicycle has time to become boring, and sometimes you want to get an ordinary scuffle, where all you need to do is move to the right side of the screen and give cuffs.

Fortunately, such simple desires are not alien to the employees of Sobaka Studio. Their new brainchild called 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin is designed to return the players to the era of the dominance of kung fu films that did not really load the viewer’s brain. The ones where everything is quite simple: there is a noble hero, there is a villain, whom that very hero is obliged to defeat. Pre-blowing more than a dozen enemy faces before the final battle.

Is it bad that the writers didn’t even try to come up with something new and not set their teeth on edge? Not at all, because the simple story of the orphaned fisherman Wei Chen fulfills its main task – it serves as a completely adequate justification for further progress along the plot rails. And successful inserts of humor, “unexpected turns” and rare attempts at the basics of Eastern philosophy will make your physical and spiritual journey much more pleasant.

As for the picture, it cannot be said that it looks particularly memorable, but your eyes will not start to bleed when looking at it – and that’s good. The locations are made as diverse as possible – there is a place for everything that can come to mind after the words “Shaolin” and “ancient China”. But in the audio design, the absence of those very canonical characteristic sounds that are heard after each blow in any old Chinese martial arts film is sad. Say what you like, but this is a rather serious omission that hits the atmosphere.

But in terms of gameplay, the staff of Sobaka Studio did their best. As you know, any semblance of a bit in games of this genre is usually just an auxiliary weapon that breaks after a couple of hits. 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin replaces this familiar pattern with a war pole, which serves as the main means of enforcing peace in the hands of the hero.

From the very beginning, the protagonist has access to three basic moves with a lifesaver: a circular slap for several opponents, an accurate poke in the torso and a jump kick. Each of these attacks is hung on its own button, so first you have to learn how to properly use them. Also added to this is the ability to dodge and parry. Moreover, the latter is directly borrowed from the Batman: Arkham series: a couple of seconds before the arrival of an enemy fist in the face, a noticeable indicator appears above its owner, thickly hinting at the action to be performed by the player.

Further, more: over time, Wei Chen learns to use techniques that help to gain a tangible advantage in battle. All of them are called “stances” and are divided into three types: enhanced strike, special attack and magic seal. And if the first one is performed by simply holding the attack button, then to complete the remaining two, you need to hold down one of the gamepad triggers and only then press the required key. With the help of such a cunning control, you can fill a variety of combos. Let’s say, gather several opponents around you, hit them all over the heads with a stick, and in the end impose a slowdown on them, thereby giving yourself a tangible head start in terms of speed. Or throw everyone in the air and give good kicks to the enemy’s asses.


As usual, you have to pay for the use of miraculous techniques. But not by taking away part of the hero’s health, fortunately – here a strip of special energy is responsible for the fee. It is typed quite quickly: it is worth hitting the opponent a couple of times, and you can again show him whose kung fu is stronger. Actually, all the battles in the game are built in such a way that the player actively uses all the tricks and abilities in his arsenal.

Also in the game there are pumping abilities, the ability to change weapons with accessories and … tea. There are as many as four varieties of the latter: each of the varieties of this wonderful drink gives its own beneficial effect, ranging from the banal restoration of health to the ability to take half as much damage as usual.

No matter how cool and fancy the combat system is, it becomes unnecessary if there is no one to try it on. Local cannon fodder, as expected, is divided into several varieties, and each of them requires its own approach in the process of opening a box of stars (the same applies to bosses). Repulsed the dart flying at you back? Make sure that at this time you are not beaten with a club by a warrior in armor or an ordinary bandit is not slashed with a sword. In each such fight, you have to discover the hidden skills of instant micromanagement in order to emerge victorious.

Another important advantage of 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin is that the authors do not forget to make the levels more or less diverse not only visually, but also in terms of gameplay – the battle conditions can be quite variable. For example, in one of the missions, you have to wade through an overgrown field, which is your Johnny, who is afraid of a Viet Cong attack in an ocean of greenery. And in another location, you have to save innocent residents from a burning multi-storey building. Few? Then at times it is important not to fall into the traps carefully placed by the creators of the game, whether it be a mountain cliff, a flying cannonball, lightning striking the ground, or a working circular saw in the floor (fortunately, it does not disassemble its own and others).

Alas, several tangible shortcomings do not allow immersing themselves in combat nirvana completely. The most noticeable is frankly overloaded management. It takes a significant amount of time to finally remember what each button does when using special attacks or seals. And if you can get used to it on the gamepad, then for comfortable playing on the keyboard you will have to grow an extra pair of hands or put an octopus in front of the monitor screen.

The balance of 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin is also frankly flawed. And this does not concern the complexity of the battles as such, but the fact that almost in the first half of the game you can give Wei Chen such a cheating set of weapons and accessories that interest in further passage risks simply disappearing.

If you have a desire to master all the tricks and abilities, you will have to replay the passed places several times to accumulate local currency, which is lowered for pumping. One thing pleases – most levels are completed in an average of five minutes. Enabling some modifiers (hidden at each stage as secrets) also helps – the process of grinding becomes less monotonous.

For some, the not always clear parry window will also become a problem, when it seems that you managed to hit the timing, but in reality, for some reason, you still get hit in the forehead.

Are the above problems critical? Not really. In addition, they can be fixed with further patches. And there is also the possibility of a joint passage, so that all these problems will simply drown in the fun of the collective beating of virtual bobbleheads. After all, as the ancient sages of game design said, any game becomes noticeably better if it has co-op.

As a representative of the beatmap genre, 9 Monkeys Of Shaolin is far from perfect. But its main task – to entertain for a few hours – it fulfills completely. And for a game that came out after the great Streets Of Rage 4, this is already no small achievement.

System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 x64.
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-6300 or equivalent / AMD FX-8370 or equivalent.
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 or equivalent / AMD Radeon HD 5570 or equivalent.
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 7 GB available space.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin PS4 Full Version Crack Game Setup 2022 Free Download

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