The developers of Far Cry 6 promise the largest and most eventful world in the history of the series, but are going to release the game on both generations of devices. The dust has not yet settled from another terribly ambitious open-world game, which did not work out with pastgen , so the author of VGC was interested in a natural question: how is Far Cry 6 doing on consoles?

Lead Gameplay Designer David Grivel replied that he could not go into details yet, but confirmed the following:

  • Far Cry 6 runs at 4K and 60 fps on next-gen consoles .
  • The game “works well” on previous generation consoles.
  • Ubisoft is very careful about performance on PS4 and Xbox One, but will reveal the details a little later.
  • The company is trying to squeeze the most out of all platforms, including PC, Stadia and Luna.

Most of the previous Far Crys were built on the Dunia Engine, a fork of CryEngine developed by Ubisoft . The Digital Foundry has been very fond of the performance of Far Cry 5 on all consoles. And since Far Cry 6 , judging by the small fonts in the trailers, also works on the Dunia Engine, there are reasons to believe that there will be no problems on pastgen.

Far Cry 6 is out October 7th. Find out the latest details about the game here and here .

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