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Ranch Simulator APK Game Full Version Free Download

Ranch Simulator PC Game Full Version Free Download

Ranch Simulator APK Game Full Version Free Download

In the new simulator, entrepreneurs, who, as usual, inherited the farm from their grandfather, instead of going to sow wheat and collect potatoes from the fields, will learn the basics of animal husbandry, and at the same time dismantle the old barn and build a spacious house on the site. We share our first impressions of Ranch Simulator – a cooperative farm from Toxic Dog.

  • Developer: Toxic Dog
  • Publisher: Excalibur Games
  • Release date: March 4, 2021

It all starts with an avatar. By the Unreal Engine Toxic Dog tightened quite decent texture persons with customizable anatomy, we added a lot of hairstyles and clothing options. If you want a mustachioed redneck in an invariably plaid shirt and cheap jeans – please. The test partner created a lovely girl, also with a rural flavor. The models are still moving strangely, but they look very lively.

Country music plays in the background in the main menu, as if hinting: “Add her braids and freckles, but cowboy boots will look great on it.” But the game itself with the soundtrack is still poor. The radio then catches some classics, then an indistinct beat. Sometimes a bouncy banjo cuts through the white noise, and sometimes the receiver doesn’t pick up the wave at all. I dare to assume that somehow it was conceived.

Ranch Simulator PC Game Full Version Free Download

Ranch Simulator APK Game Full Version Free Download

Ranch Simulator

Ranch Simulator is co-op oriented . The developers expect you to play a community or a large family in it, adding associates through the Steam invite system . The host, as usual, rules the ranch. All changes affect his progress, and guests, leaving the host of the game session, will be forced to follow him.

Time in the game flows very quickly. When the day comes to an end, all the establishments in the game are closed, the cattle goes to rest, and the heroes can take a breath too. There is a tent on the territory of the ranch, and later, when you build a sane dwelling, you can change it to a spacious bed. Sleeping spots allow you to save the game and skip the night if all participants go to sleep at the same time.

Ranch Simulator

The site at the beginning of the game looks abandoned to say the least. The house in which your grandfather lived can hardly stand on half-rotten partitions. Insulation sticks out of the walls, in some places the wallpaper has been preserved, so old that it is no longer possible to make out the drawing on them. The floor in the attic gapes with holes, the balusters barely support the weight of the railing, and the roof of the veranda, instead of supporting pillars, is supported by some steel beams and logs.

A huge barn that serves as a haven for a garden rider is in about the same condition. The wind blew away the entire crate from the roof and it is not clear how miraculously the lawn mower did not rust. The best preserved brick garage was built at the entrance to the ranch. In it, as we learn from the note found in the attic, there is a battered car, parts from which are scattered throughout the site.

Ranch Simulator

In the same place, in a chest with a message from grandfather, we find a small amount of money, a revolver and a box of cartridges. A relative explained that it is customary to carry weapons in these parts with you because of the proximity of the forest and its wild, eternally hungry inhabitants. Subsequently, it will be useful to us, including for hunting , and the mined meat can be sold at the local supermarket, helping out good money for it.

Characters can pick up interactive objects, like the same car parts, and place them on surfaces as they please. As soon as the repair of the car is finished, we load the gas canister into the car and go to the gas station, and then to the store for hand tools, the first pets and food.

Ranch Simulator

There is a car dealership on the territory of the game, in which, for a very reasonable amount, players can buy a used pickup truck, a brand new sedan, an ATV or even a van for transporting cattle and a larger volume of goods. The workshop and the hunter’s house are still closed, as well as the neighboring estates, which, probably, we will be able to acquire later.

The transport in the game at the moment is completely uncontrollable. One has only to give a little to the side, and the car lays a turn, which would be the envy of sports cars from DIRT. But there is a lot of interactivity here too. Even refueling is carried out manually: you need to get out of the car, pick up a gun, insert it into the gas tank and watch how your modest savings are rapidly flowing away – everything is like in life.

Ranch Simulator

After returning home with the chickens, players must provide the pets with food and water. That is, pour out the stored bag of grain on the site, take water into the bucket from the tank, and then build a chicken coop for the birds , attach a drinking bowl and a feeder to it, clean it from time to time and collect eggs in the basket. There is also an ovoscope in the Ranch Simulator to study their contents for embryos, if you prudently bought a rooster as well.

Further construction , for which you will need a previously purchased hand tool. But even before that – dismantling, mechanically reminiscent of House Flipper and similar games. First, the players meditate, dismantling the house on the boards, then they build a new one in its place. We acquire the foundation, cut down the forest and carry the logs to the sawmill – another building located on the northern border of our possessions. There, among the blanks of wood covered with tarpaulin, there is a sawing machine.



There are only a few zones for construction on the territory, you cannot build houses where you like in the Ranch Simulator. Together with your associates, you can restore an old well, put up a couple of chicken coops, demolish the old barn and put in its place a barn, in which your pigs and cows will settle, and later horses and, probably, corrals will become available .

The game is still raw and it contains ideas that the developers have not yet had time to implement. I would very much like to see customization for the home in it . Not just a finished building, but completely customizable with a separate store of materials – from wallpaper and floors to furniture and decor.


The ranch also needs decorations. The opportunity to put lanterns, pave paths, maybe arrange a flower garden or plant fruit trees, so as not to go to the store for apples. At worst – at least remove driftwood and debris from the territory, roll out boulders and build a fence so that the cattle does not scatter beyond the borders of the property.

If Toxic Dog can realize the full potential of this undoubtedly promising and rather beautiful game, we will get an excellent alternative to numerous farms with a focus on animal husbandry and construction.


Ranch Simulator APK Game Full Version Free Download



                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.

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