VALORANT Label Replacement

VALORANT Label Replacement

VALORANT Label Replacement

What is the VALORANT label replacement process? What does it do? Such questions have been the subject of curiosity lately. We will give you important information about the VALORANT label replacement process and explain how to use the feature you do not know, such as how to change the label. Riot Games’ feature to imitate the nick in different games was passive, while in VALORANT game we have the chance to imitate the name of any user thanks to the tag change process. Also, this process is completely free to do, but has a fixed replacement period.

What is VALORANT Label Replacement?

What is VALORANT Label Replacement?

What is VALORANT Label Replacement?

After the end of the VALORANT Beta version, it opened its doors to all players and there was great interest. With the full version, VALORANT Label change feature has been added to the game .

In different games of Riot Games, a different user could not get a name, which caused the person to resort to different ways of choosing names. With a different approach, VALORANT allows you to get the nickname you want with the tag system, thanks to its tag system. There is a four-digit code presented to you and the (#) sign is placed at the beginning of the code provided.

We can make it easier for your friends to find you and invite you to invite you with a username you want in the tag section where you write your own code. If you are not familiar with changing labels , we will help you with an easy process how to change VALORANT Label .

How to Change VALORANT Label?

With the method we will give you about the VALORANT label replacement process, you can easily and quickly change your label and make it ready for use.

How to Change VALORANT Label?

How to Change VALORANT Label?

1. Sign in to Riot Games official account.

2. We enter the Riot ID and Password on the page that appears and say OK.

3. After logging in, you will see the “Change Riot” button, click here.

4. There will be two boxes named “New Riot Id” just below your username . If your name in the 1st box is in the game, the 2nd box is for the “Label” you want to determine .

5. Enter the tag you want to set in the box 2.

6. After the approval process, your new label is ready.

Label change period? I want to make a warning for those who are wondering. Label change feature is done for 30 days. Also, if you changed your name before within 30 days, you have to wait 30 days for a change of label.

What Does the VALORANT Label Do?

VALORANT has introduced the tag system as a feature different from other games. Because it allows different players to use the same name thanks to the tag system, it allows you to easily add you when you give your tag to the people who want to add you, thanks to the tag you set for yourself. If there was no tag system, more than one person would use the same name, so your friends or people who want to add you would have the opportunity to add other people with the same name. Because of this, it appears as a different feature that has been edited because it cannot reach you.

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