VALORANT Restart Error

VALORANT Restart Error

VALORANT Restart Error

One of the most common errors that VALORANT players have encountered, the VALORANT restart error definitive solution is available on our site.

The Tactical FPS game VALORANT, developed by Riot Games, one of the most well-known game companies in the world, can be loved as well as self-loathing. This is because it contains some game bugs. One of the most common errors is asking to restart your computer. The reason for this is the Riot Vanguard problem.

What is VALORANT Restart Error?

What is VALORANT Restart Error?

What is VALORANT Restart Error?

If you wanted to log in to the incredibly well-developed game developed by Riot Games and you received a reboot notification, it is probably because of the Riot Vanguard software. First of all, what is Riot Vanguard? For those who do not know; It is a security software developed by Riot Games. Thanks to Vanguard, there is a feature in the game that prevents the use of third party software. It is also a feature developed for personal computer security and security of the game. If we continue our topic, the VALOTANT Reboot Problem is caused by the Vanguard not working properly.

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VALORANT Restart Error Solution

If you have logged into VALORANT and got a Reboot error when you get to the loading screen, check whether Vanguard is turned on. There is a Vanguard image in red on the System Bar for control. If this visual is not visible in the System bar then Vanguard is turned off and you will get a Restart error. VALORANT In order not to get a reboot error, we can get rid of the error by doing a few things related to Vanguard. Also, I want you to pay attention to one more thing . The properties of your system may differ for the VALORANT restart error solution . Restarting the VALORANT client may be sufficient for the exact solution. If this is still not enough for your problem;

VALORANT Restart Error Solution

VALORANT Restart Error Solution

· Type “Services” in the Windows search .

· After entering the services, we right-click the VGC file, which will be the file named VGC among the files you encounter and call properties.

· Select the “Automatic” feature on the page that opens after you say Properties, then turn it off by saying apply and OK.

· Restart the computer.

VALORANT Says Restart, What Should I Do?

For the VALORANT reboot error solution, if the operation we wrote above failed, we can try a few more ways.

· Go to add – remove program from windows part of your computer.

· Select VALORANT AND Riot Vanguard, select the uninstall process and say OK to the warning that will appear.

· If you are sure that there is no file related to VALORANT on your computer, please download VALORANT again from the official site. · If this fails, find and delete the Riot Vanguard folder and try to start the game again. During the startup, you will be prompted to reload because you deleted the Vanguard client. When you do the reinstallation process, the problem is eliminated.

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