What is the PS5 Germany Price? (How many TL?)

What is the PS5 Germany Price? (How many TL?)

What is the PS5 Germany Price? (How many TL?)

The highly anticipated PS5 Germany price has been announced. PlayStation 5 may be the only subject that players are talking about on social media. In Turkey today, Turkey PS5 price was released, but we can say uçuklatıy lips. For those wondering how much is the PS5 Germany price? Can I buy PS5 from Germany? We will try to answer questions like these.

PS5 Germany Price How Much, How Much?

Albert Penello , the former director of Xbox , said in a statement about the price of PlayStation 5 that it would be possible to be released for 499 Euros. If we calculate according to the dollar rate, the price of PS5 is offered for sale in a price range of 400 – 500 dollars.

PS5 Germany Price How Much, How Much?

PS5 Germany Price How Much, How Much?


The high price of Price PS5 Turkey 8299 TL was sold as a cause. Prices are high, although there is news in the direction that though the first day was consumed in Turkey. According to rumors, we are getting news that it even fell on the black market and sold for a price of 15,000 TL . One of the reasons why the tax rate is high in Turkey. How much is the PS5 tax free and taxed price? For those who wonder, we can summarize as follows;

PS5 International Price: 500 €

PS5 Turkey Price: 8299 TL

PS5 Tax Free Price: 4543 TL

Added Tax: 3756 TL

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Can PS5 Buy From Germany?

Although the first day exhausted and falling prices in Turkey herpes PS5 black market in Germany began to be taken from me in curiosity. We did a little research and examined the PS5 Prices on Germany and it varies between 500 – 655 Euros on average. If we take this as the basis of the maximum price, it corresponds to TL 4,941.39. Germany PS5 get out of that situation logically should come at the hands of a man living in Turkey can receive tax-free or by paying a lower tax leaves a question mark in your head.

Can PS5 Buy From Germany?

Can PS5 Buy From Germany?

As a suggestion, it may make sense to bring a relative who lives in Germany, or to pick it up from Germany if you can get it, provided you do not go for PS5 only. Apart from that, you can order through sales sites in Germany. The issue of passing through customs may cause the obligation to pay taxes. If you can not afford these prices you have to get out of Turkey.

How to Buy PS5 from Germany?

If you are wondering how we can get the PS5 from Germany, which everyone has been waiting for days and the prices will vary constantly, we will give you a few ideas after a little review. If you want to buy a PlayStation 5 and want to bring it from Germany.

It may be the right choice for you to do it from reliable sites such as Amozon and Ebay . Turkey will be asked to enter items to the customs and tax probably when you can not deliver your product, you do not pay this tax. Apart from that, you can ask your relative living in Germany to bring it.

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