Reddit posted a video of how Xbox Series X began to smoke

Reddit posted a video of how Xbox Series X began to smoke

Reddit posted a video of how Xbox Series X began to smoke

The forum Reddit appeared a new video that shows how the console Xbox Series X start to smoke. It is not yet clear what exactly caught fire or became the source of the smoke, so it is difficult to assess the level of breakdown.

This was reported by US user Hirsutophilia. So far, there are no other details on this subject, but a heated discussion has already begun on the topic. Some joke that Xbox Series X just decided to smoke, others are outraged by the company’s actions.

Buddy of mines new xbox came with a campfire feature. from XboxSeriesX

However, this is not the only case, even on Reddit. There is another thread under the link that describes a similar incident.

Note that many new items on the release crashed and glitched. For example, RTX 2070/2080 cards of the first revision at one time experienced a dump of memory chips. Then they fixed it.

Also remember that the X and S consoles hit the market yesterday. And even earlier, the blogger complained that his console stopped starting .

Sony PlayStation 5 was unveiled a week ago , in an event where I saw dozens of games, but I also saw for the first time the design of the console. Since then I have seen price drops for the console, including a 699 pound for the 2 TB model or 499 euros for the Blu-Ray and 825 GB SSD. There are now leaks related to the price of Xbox Series X and we analyze them in parallel below.

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At the last escape, Sony PS5 would start from 399 euros in the digital version , the one without Blu-Ray drive. Well, I learned from Gadgetzone that Microsoft could sell its rival Xbox Series X for only $ 200 , in the case of the digital version, without a Blu-Ray drive.

MS would be ready to sell at a loss just to capture the initial wave of gamers. We may also receive some compromises of the $ 200 console, a so-called Xbox Series S , codenamed Lockhart.It will only keep the flagship processor, but the GPU will have a low performance, 4 TFLOPS from 12 TFLOPS. This is given that the PS5 has 10 TFLOPS. It will be able to run the same games as the Xbox Series X this model. Both consoles are expected at the end of the year, during the winter holidays.

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